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In Loma Linda

Loma Linda – the land of healthy lifestyle

Loma Linda, a prosperous & small city of 21,000 residents in California where as many as a third of the people are Seventh-day Adventists who believe in taking care of their bodies by deliberately abstaining themselves from alcohol, tobacco & non-vegetarian food. They treat their bodies as temples with little or no meat or fish, no smoking or alcohol and plenty of exercise. Located on the southwestern part of San Bernardino County, bordered on the north by San Bernardino, on the east by Redlands, on the west by Colton, and on the south by Riverside County, Loma Linda is famous for Loma Linda University Health & Medical center, offering world-class health care and educational initiatives in downtown San Bernardino. Popularly known as one of the blue zones of the world where people tend to live longer than anyone else on earth, Loma Linda means “beautiful hills” in Spanish & became the first “smoke-free” city in 1993.

So if you happen to visit Loma Linda & are craving to have the best of Asian & Japanese cuisine, then Red Wasabi is the ideal option for you. Serving the best dining experience from 2011, Red Wasabi has exceptional chefs happily ready to prepare only the best sushi all especially hand-crafted for you.

“Red Wasabi is your neighborhoods’ first choice when it comes to savoring Asian/Japanese food in Loma Linda. A great place for Sushi, Red Wasabi is the ideal place to hang out and enjoy the world class delicacies”

Red Wasabi – A place for savoring Asian/Japanese cuisine

If you have landed in Loma Linda & have not visited Red Wasabi, then you are surely missing out something that you’ll regret later. Red Wasabi, the fine dine Japanese restaurant is the true heart of Loma Linda offering the finest platter of Asian & Japanese cuisine including world class Sushi made by expert Sushi chefs. Their platter of best Sushi, sashimi bowls & rolls are some of their specialty items that you should surely give a try.

Catering services for various events in Loma Linda & nearby areas:

Not only are we a premier Sushi restaurant but Red Wasabi is also the trusted name in catering business providing exemplary food catering services for various events since years. So if you are searching for top-rated caterers offering Asian/Japanese food in Loma Linda, Colton, Riverside, San Bernardino & Redlands, then Red Wasabi’s food catering services are for you. With their tasty delicacies at an affordable budget, followed by friendly customer service, Red Wasabi is the expert in offering catering services for wedding, business event catering, birthday parties, corporate business meetings, sporting events, family/friends parties, social gatherings and almost for every event.

What makes Red Wasabi different?

Red Wasabi is here to take your dining experience to the next level by offering fresh and healthy platters of the best Japanese cuisine. Right from diverse menu to a spectacular selection of lunch specials, we are the complete Sushi experience in Loma Linda. People simply love us because:

  • Amazingly fresh and well-presented Sushi
  • Tasty experience that will leave your taste buds floating on a cloud
  • Most delectable Japanese/Asian cuisine offered at affordable prices
  • Best in ambiance & customer friendly service for complete satisfaction
  • Team of veteran Sushi chefs cook some of the finest Sushi rolls

Contact Us now for the finest Japanese cuisine

For all those who simply loves to binge on tasty Asian/Japanese food in Loma Linda and nearby locations, then come on in & experience the fine dine-in at Red Wasabi with skilled chef’s creating some amazing delicacies for you to tickle your taste buds. Call us today on 909-796-9299 for table bookings or catering services for your next event.