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Sushi, the king of Japanese cuisine is an exotic delicacy & is perhaps the most loved food item from Japanese cuisine in other countries. Prepared with vinegared rice & blended with various ingredients viz sea food, vegetables & fish. The word “Sushi” refers to rice (In Japanese, the word su means vinegar and shi is from meshi, which is rice in Japanese hence Sushi is a “vinegared rice”).

Sushi is not only a tasty delicacy but it’s an art form wherein the expert Sushi chefs elegantly arrange the ingredients to enhance its simplicity and natural beauty. So you can say that great Sushi is so much more than just raw fish and rice. Our popular Japanese food has carved its niche in the food culture of almost every country. In Japan, people eat Sushi as a treat for special family occasions and mark of accomplishment so you can say that Sushi is the soul of Japanese food.

After hearing so much about Sushi, you must be drooling to gorge on some fantastic Sushi items. So, where will you get finger-licking Sushi? The answer is Red Wasabi. If you are obsessed with Sushi & can’t control your sushi-holic madness, then stop by at Red Wasabi’s Sushi restaurant & satisfy your inner cravings to the fullest.

Red Wasabi – the finest Sushi restaurant serving from years:

If you are a Sushi-fanatic and want to experience world class Sushi, head on to Red Wasabi, the fine dine Sushi restaurant in Loma Linda, California, known for serving the finest Sushi varieties since 2011. The comprehensive platter at Red Wasabi focuses on quality food made by passionate & talented sushi chefs, working on the mission of bringing the best of Sushi & Sushi fast food to you. The main unique selling proposition of Sushi offered at Red Wasabi is that it is hand-made using fresh ingredients so as to maintain the quality standards of hygiene without compromising on taste and look. Offering elegant & unforgettable dining experience, Red Wasabi features a wide platter of Asian and Japanese cuisine.

Types of Sushi served at Red Wasabi:

There are many types of Sushi available & most of them are served at Red Wasabi with emphasis on taste, presentation and quality. All these Sushi varieties are cooked with the finest ingredients by our expert Sushi chefs. The varied Sushi types available at Red Wasabi include Nigiri, Gunkan, Norimaki, Temaki, Oshizushi, Inari, Chirashi & Sushi rolls.

Red Wasabi – serving the best Sushi for your special moments

Are you having a family gathering or a birthday party and want to have Japanese cuisine for your menu? If yes, then Red Wasabi is the ideal caterer ready to make your event memorable with unforgettable delicious Sushi and Japanese cuisine platter. By hiring Red Wasabi, you can just sit back, relax & enjoy the finest experience of gulping mouth-watering taste of Sushi and Japanese food items. From the array of food items to choose from, Red Wasabi provides the diverse platter including Sushi, sea food, ramen noodles, grilled food, Japanese and Asian cuisine, as per your budget. Being the well-known & full service Sushi caterer of choice for years, Red Wasabi has catered multiple events and functions like:

  • Barbeque (BBQ) Parties

No matter what type of event you are planning, we will create a delicious and entertaining experience that your guests will be talking about long after.

Why pick Red Wasabi over others?

People who’ve experienced our dining and catering services simply can’t get enough of us & keep showering their love because:

  • Great Sushi place to binge on some of the best Sushi varieties
  • Perfect blend of exotic menu and great taste
  • Experience Sushi chefs
  • Proudly serving people and catering to events since years
  • Brings the world of Japanese and Asian flavors under one roof
  • Spectacular customer service
  • Use of fresh and healthy ingredients
  • Affordable prices

Red Wasabi is the one stop destination if you are looking for affordable Sushi, Sushi fast food & Sushi rolls home delivery and take away/togo in Loma Linda, Colton, Riverside, Redlands. Apart from fine dining, you can also enjoy our finest Sushi catering services at Red Wasabi in above locations for all your events.

Contact us today for authentic Sushi and Japanese food

Call Red Wasabi today on 909-796-9299 to book a fine dine Sushi experience or if you want Sushi, Sushi rolls or Sushi fast food to be delivered at your sweet home or if you want Red Wasabi to cater your event by serving finest Sushi delicacies.